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Inventory management software

As the demand for software and hardware in education grows, and the requirements of each department become increasingly complex, keeping track of what’s what can sometimes seem unmanageable.

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School inventory management for hardware and software

This is where the inventory management software features of Impero EdAdmin can help.

In most cases Excel spreadsheets are the management tool of choice, though the static and manual nature of this method means they are often out of date. Larger establishments tend to decentralize the task, with individual departments responsible for their own inventory, further complicating the process.

The inventory management software feature stores a catalogue of hardware, software and operating system information relating to all machines installed with the Impero client. Inventory checks can be automated to save valuable time when auditing, while the centralized view highlights the age and state of equipment so it can be replaced, refreshed or removed no sooner, or later, than is necessary. This supports effective asset tracking and simplifies the maintenance of hardware.

IT teams can also generate customized reports on selected machines in order to review and compare machine specifications, with results displayed in an easy-to-view table, which can be exported as required. This alone accounts for significant cost savings.

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