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Impero Patch uses automated detection to enable school technical teams to identify, download and deploy missing patches for Microsoft and more than 60 third party applications (including Flash and Java).

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Patch management software

Are your systems up-to-date and secure? Impero Patch, an add-on module available with Impero Education Pro, provides patch management software features designed to strengthen endpoint security and protect the top education software applications.

Many software updates are communicated through pop-up windows. Imagine if these patches and updates were performed by students or staff members – how would IT teams maintain visibility of installed patches and ensure that any updates don’t cause compatibility or instability issues? Outdated software can cause network vulnerability, potentially increasing the risk of security breaches as well as disruptive downtime. And when left to a manual process, the installation of patches can often be overlooked, leaving vulnerabilities wide open.

The Impero Patch module uses automated detection to patch Microsoft and more than 60 third-party applications (including Flash and Java) before vulnerabilities are exposed to the school network. Scheduling updates to perform automatic patching prevents the risk of security breaches and potential downtime, while saving valuable staff hours.

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