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an online staff training hub for safeguarding

Agreeing a date that everyone can attend, ensuring content is current and up to date, negotiating the costs of consultants, travel expenses and lunch – the list goes on. Arranging staff training can be difficult, costly and easy to overlook. But for something as critical as safeguarding, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Impero iSafeguard is an online safeguarding training hub that gives school staff the opportunity to meet all of their legally-required safeguarding training requirements at a time that is convenient, and gain three CPD accredited certificates in safeguarding in the process.

Impero iSafeguard covers all the topics specified in the Department of Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance and equips staff with the knowledge to handle sensitive issues with confidence.

The benefits

keeps safe

stay safe

Detecting safeguarding issues is one thing, knowing how to deal with them is another. Impero iSafeguard gives staff the confidence and knowledge to deal with these situations as they occur, keeping young people safe in the school environment.



All school staff in the UK are required to undergo regular safeguarding and child protection training, as set out in the DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance. Impero iSafeguard covers all the topics specified in this guidance and stores records of completion for inspection.

save time

save time

Organising travel, finding suitable dates, guaranteeing good content - organising staff training can be a time-consuming task. Impero iSafeguard is all online so staff can complete the modules at a time that’s convenient to them.

save money

save money

Special pricing, exclusive to Impero Education Pro customers, has been established to ensure our schools are fully equipped to deal with the safeguarding issues identified by our software. All staff can access this training hub, at a flat package rate.

online safeguarding training modules:

working with Victvs

We’re proud to have partnered with safeguarding experts Victvs to launch Impero iSafeguard. Drawing on their years of experience and specialist content, we’ve joined forces to offer schools across the UK a comprehensive online safeguarding training hub, designed to keep schools compliant and provide them with a first class training suite for all their members of staff.

Victvs provides both online and in-house training courses on complex social topics, helping schools to understand threats and how to respond to them. All courses are developed by experts with decades of real world experience in their field, and use plain English (no jargon!) to give staff the confidence and knowledge to safeguard young people in their care. Victvs works with schools and the wider safeguarding community to develop safeguarding content in response to UK government guidance, so that training remains current. Victvs is also the only independent organisation to work with the Girlguiding to help inform the National Youth Safeguarding Forum‘s policies.

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