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How Impero Education Pro support CIPA compliance

Impero Education Pro supports compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which will help schools/districts access federal funding programs, including E-rate, ESEA Title II D (Ed Tech) and LSTA. Click here to download an infographic explaining how this works.

What is CIPA?

The Children’s Internet Protection Act was enacted to address concerns about children’s access to obscene or harmful content over the internet. It addresses what has to be filtered and the need for an internet safety policy in schools and libraries. CIPA compliance is required when using funds for particular purposes from three federal programs: E-rate, ESEA Title II D (Ed Tech), and LSTA.

What does CIPA require?

  • Creation of an internet safety policy
  • The use of content filtering technology on computers that are accessed by minors that blocks or filters access to pictures that are obscene, show child pornography or are harmful to minors
  • Monitoring of user activity (through the guidelines in the school internet safety policy)
  • Educating minors about appropriate online behavior

What is Impero Education Pro?

Impero Education Pro is a consolidated suite of remote network management, internet safety and classroom control tools designed to support IT teams, empower teachers and protect students. Compatible with all major operating systems (including PC, Mac, Chrome and iOS), Impero Education Pro is used on more than one million computers, in more than 70 countries worldwide. In the U.S. alone, Impero is relied upon by more than 500 school districts.

Key features:

  • Internet safety – protecting students with state-of-the-art internet safety technology that includes keyword detection and real-time device monitoring.
  • Classroom management – empowering teachers with live screen monitoring and interactive classroom tools to keep students on task and engaged.
  • Remote network management – supporting school/district IT teams with remote monitoring and network administration software.

How does Impero Education Pro support CIPA compliance?

Here’s how Impero Education Pro’s internet safety features support a school/district’s CIPA compliance:

  1. Impero Education Pro includes a whole host of features that support a school’s internet safety policy including:
  • Keyword detection
  • Keyword detection libraries
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Access management
  • Anonymous student reporting
  • Reporting and analytics on internet usage
  • Track and disable USBs
  • Activity logs and incident handling

Impero Education Pro also helps to enforce a school’s internet safety policy by showing the policy to students when they log on, which reminds them how to behave online. It can then report on students’ internet usage to measure the effectiveness of these policies.

  1. Impero Education Pro works alongside your filtering system to block and monitor content at the endpoint. Blocking content at a device level enables a more granular approach so that different age groups and classrooms can have different levels of access to the internet. This ensures older students, or students studying a particular subject, aren’t restricted from valuable resources.
  2. Impero Education Pro provides real-time monitoring of all the devices on a school network, in one single view. It also uses keyword detection to identify safeguarding issues following a best practice approach.
  3. By monitoring online activity, Impero Education Pro enables schools to identify safety concerns as they happen. Once an issue is identified, dialogues can be started with young people to educate them on good digital citizenship. Click here for an infographic that helps illustrate this approach.

This is all summarized in a poster that schools can display in their teachers’ lounge or other staff area – Click here to download this. Complete the form on this page to arrange a demo or trial.

Supporting CIPA compliance

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