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Focus digital learning and teach effectively anywhere (and on any device) with our cloud-based classroom management software, Impero class:room.

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Classroom management software for every learner in any environment

Empowering teachers with simple-to-use classroom management features, Impero class:room enhances communication and improves student engagement on any Windows, Chromebooks, iPad, Mac or Android devices.

Designed by teachers, for teachers, Impero class:room is a leading classroom management software designed for flexible learning. It supports schools in all teaching environments including:

Benefits for teachers

Keep students on-task

Monitor and manage what students are accessing online, and address inappropriate behavior or misuse as it happens.

Create engaging, focused digital lessons

Deliver engaging online learning in a safe, controlled and effective manner.

1:1, inclusive support for learners

Support staff, like teachers and teaching assistants, can easily identify and offer guidance to students who may be struggling.

Support hybrid learning

Regardless of location, teachers can provide high-quality education whether learners are in the classroom, learning from home or in a hybrid learning environment, no matter if the device is student or school owned.

Encourage learner collaboration

Teachers can confidently provide a simple setup for group work activity such as discussions, problem solving and brainstorming.

Keep students safe

Record, track and manage any student safety concerns all in the same place.

Key features of Impero class:room

Cross-platform support

Monitor and manage all Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, Windows and Android devices all in one place.

Real-time monitoring and device management

View all student screens, lock one or several screens, and manage students’ access to websites in real-time.

Microsoft Teams integration

View all devices inside Microsoft Teams and chat, call or video conference with select individuals or a group of learners.

SIS integration & flexible grouping

Easily synchronize directly with your SIS to see the right group of students at the right time. Or create your own groups as necessary.

Restrict browsing

Manage students’ access to websites, defining a set list of websites students can and can’t access during class.

Tab & application management

View open and recently closed tabs and applications, or close any tabs and applications causing distractions.

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