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Roundtable: New Strategies for Teaching Social-Emotional Learning During COVID-19

Join us on Tuesday, December 8 at 3 p.m. CT for a roundtable on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in the time of COVID-19. The impact of SEL has been shown to increase a child’s academic success throughout their K-12 education. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for SEL is more important than ever, with many students across the U.S. searching for a sense of normalcy as they may be struggling with grief, anxiety, and isolation from their peers.

We must not lose sight of the importance of student mental health. Schools across the U.S. must be prepared for further remote learning in 2021, and for the aftermath of the pandemic and the trauma that it may have caused students. During this 45-minute recorded roundtable produced in tandem with the Learning Technology Center of Illinois (LTC), we will speak about how schools can be the first lines of defense against mental health issues for students in remote learning – and how educators can use SEL techniques to ensure students are safe and prepared to do their best this school year.

In this 45-minute recorded roundtable, we will cover:
  • What is social-emotional learning (SEL), and why it’s important
  • SEL in the remote classroom
  • Resources for parents to prioritize their children’s emotional health outside of the classroom
  • Best practices for educators, counselors and parents to work together and keep students safe


About the presenters:

Holly Kelly, MS spent 15 years working as a public educator as an English teacher and library media specialist at the high school level in Illinois. Currently, she works as the Regional Educational Technology Coordinator for the Learning Technology Center of Illinois (LTC).

Colleen Kaplan, MA is the Remote Learning Outreach Specialist for the Learning Technology Center of Illinois (LTC).  In this role, Colleen leads the SPARK Program (Supporting Parents and Remote Kids), which aims to provide support and resources created specifically for parents and caregivers during remote and hybrid learning. She is also an ISTE Certified Educator.

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