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ContentKeeper supports student safety and enterprise success across all platforms and locations.


ContentKeeper Cloud


ContentKeeper Cloud for Schools

Ensure the safety and engagement of K-12 students across every device, browser, and platform while empowering education with unmatched filtering, classroom management, and control from the Cloud.


Cloud Security for the Modern Enterprise

Experience superior cyber threat protection and deliver secure access to all vital resources, regardless of location, by moving to a cloud-based SASE model with Zero Trust.


Unmatched Cross-Platform Protection in the Cloud

Ensuring student safety and success is your top priority. But the move to digital and remote learning has introduced more complexity, cost, and risk than most schools and districts can manage. Now, you can finally protect K-12 students across all devices, web browsers, and platforms with unmatched security, flexibility, and control from the Cloud. With ContentKeeper Cloud, you can easily see, stop, and secure every activity across your network as well as school-issued and BYOD devices - without undermining education in the classroom and virtual learning environments.

Always On Security Regardless of Location

The traditional perimeter is gone. Today's remote teams and mobile workforces need uniform protection to ensure safe access to web content and cloud apps - without exposing your data assets, end-users, and entire network to security threats. ContentKeeper's Secure Cloud Gateway combines web filtering, anti-malware, in-depth analytics, and integrated reporting to provide comprehensive web security for modern, distributed organizations. So, you can safeguard user access and critical data from any location with a multi-layered security platform that streamlines policy management and delivers always-on protection across premises, cloud, and remote access.


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