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World Suicide Prevention Day 2019: working together to prevent suicide


The World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people take their own life each year – that’s one person every 40 seconds. For every suicide, 25 other people make a suicide attempt, and countless more have serious thoughts of suicide. This year, the theme for World Suicide Prevention Day 2019 is ‘working together to prevent suicide.’

World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

The importance of working together to prevent suicide

We are all part of one group, linked together through family, friends, teachers, school counselors and teams. In today’s modern environment, it is increasingly easy to become isolated and disconnected from these groups and communities. We should all have the responsibility to support, connect and empower those who become susceptible and detached. We must come together as one to prevent suicide, but what can we do to help?

  1. Reach out

A simple question such as “are you okay?” can be enough for someone struggling. If you are worried about someone, try and take just one minute out of your day to check in with them, and offer your support. This one minute of non-judgmental support can make all the difference to prevent suicide, and even change a life.

  1. Listen

If someone has confided in you and tells you their story – listen. You may not have the answers, you may feel reluctant to intervene, and you may fear you will say something wrong. However, people in distress are often not looking for specific advice or intelligence, but simply to be listened to with compassion and understanding. Empathy, compassion, genuine concern, knowledge of resources and a desire to help are key to prevent suicide. A listening ear is often the only resource needed to reduce distress, restore hope and prevent suicide.

  1. Use the tools for early intervention

Impero EdProtect’s safeguarding and keyword detection software can help schools monitor and identify students at risk of suicide through providing school staff with a contextual insight into a student’s online activity. This allows schools to identify a potential issue and intervene before an incident escalates.

What can we do this World Suicide Prevention Day 2019?

This World Suicide Prevention Day 2019 and everyday take a minute to reach out to someone and consistently work together as a team to change a life and prevent suicide. #WorldSuicidePreventionDay #WSPD2019

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