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What do U.S. schools think of Impero Education Pro

What do U.S. schools think of Impero Education Pro?


We cannot believe we’re helping to improve the use of technology in over 700 US schools! Through helping to monitor, manage and control all their Windows, Chrome, Mac and iOS devices, our customers love us just as much as we love them. Check out some of our reviews from US schools below:

***** By Richard Ballard

“Easy to use software”

It really does just work well, there’s no lags like other providers. It’s helping to keep our students on track, teachers can send messages, make the live thumbnail views visible to the whole class so everyone can see what everyone is doing, all them helping to deter them from accessing any gaming sites.

***** By Theodore Ragavas

“Multi-platform classroom management with ease” 

Our teachers, after using GoGuardian and LanSchool, have been able to shift over to the Impero Education Pro interface with very little training due to it being so user-friendly! They particularly like the ability to assign work, manage tasks and keep an eye on students from their own work station.

***** By Jason Brown

“The ultimate visibility!”

Impero Education Pro has helped to support our 1:1 situation and, using integration with Clever, students and classes are shown for the right teacher, at the right time. Most importantly, Impero has given us the visibility of online dangers we couldn’t easily identify before such as bullying, self-harm and suicide patterns.

***** By Cathy Holder

“Very user-friendly”

Impero is much easier, more user-friendly and the controls are better than anything we use. Pushing websites and files has helped the class move swiftly and being able to push out programs without having to lay our hands on every computer is so easy!

***** By Steve Wangerin

“It’s absolutely fantastic”

Updating all the machines used to be a mammoth task with a lot of hopping from seat to seat. With Impero I can power on and shut down machines from one location, all by simply clicking a button; it saves me so much time! My favorite thing is being able to remote into and access Impero from any computer.

***** By Steve Pickett

“Useful, user-friendly, powerful”

It helps support our digital citizenship course by detecting and providing email alerts regarding several subjects of concern including suicide, self-harm and violence. Being able to see everything a students has accessed using the log viewer saves a lot of time and is much easier than digging through a filter.

***** By Aaron Wiley

“It’s a window into what students are doing on their devices” 

Our teachers use the monitoring features to complete their goals and objectives for each lesson while proactively using technology to get everything done. We can see what our students have been accessing, such as gaming and movie sites often missed by our filter and later add these to our block lists.

what is Impero Education Pro?

Impero Education Pro consolidates classroom control tools, student safety and network management functionality all into a single solution. Helping a number of employees in US schools, including teachers to control technology in the classroom, tech teams to update and maintain their network, all while keeping your students safe online. Learn more in this short video.

If these reviews from our US schools don’t convince you that Impero Education Pro is a market-leading product, maybe a demonstration will… where’s the harm in looking? If you’d like to find out more, you can attend a webinar with our team here.

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