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The Silver Lining: How Can Distance Learning Help Teachers?


We’ve become familiar with the downsides associated with the shift to distance learning in K-12, the main being that a majority of students may be learning less compared to pre-pandemic environments (in fact, as many as 64% of students are learning less in distance learning environments, according to the Urban Education Institute). On a related note, a survey conducted by the Teachers College at Columbia University found that three in four adults also said they are concerned about the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the academic learning of school children. Experts are grappling with how these losses in academic learning may affect the next generation of American adults.

We don’t want to downplay that many students are struggling to adapt to distance learning. But for some students, distance learning is a blessing as it allows for more flexibility in their learning routine.

Here are some ways that distance learning may help a teacher’s experience rather than hinder it.

Distance learning can help keep teachers safe

Distance learning during a pandemic allows teachers to stay distanced from students who may be sick. In some cases, teachers may be living with immunocompromised family members who are at a larger risk of contracting COVID-19, or they may even be at a higher risk level themselves. Having the option for distance teaching can help keep teachers safe.

Students can learn on their own schedule

With distance, or flexible, learning, students can learn on their own schedule and structure their days around co-curriculars or individual learning schedule. Not every classroom or school is ideal for every student – and not every student is able to learn effectively during school hours. With distance learning, students can (usually) structure their learning times when they’re best able to learn, and review material as much as they like at their own pace (plus, the extra sleep in the morning may help, too!).

Convenience of no commute

Distance learning allows teachers to work remotely, allowing them to, for example, save time that they normally would have used for commuting to do other things.

Teaches kids how to use and communicate using technology

The future of the workplace is changing drastically, and this includes how businesses communicate with each other and with clients (and “Zoom etiquette” is a trendy topic). Communicating effectively via video and chat is increasingly important in work environments, so getting students used to these forms of communication now may be helpful for future job prospects.

Need help with distance learning? Impero can help.

Regardless of how your school is in session, Impero can help teachers teach effectively. Impero class:room empowers teachers with simple-to-use classroom management features — like real-time monitoring, tab and application management and the ability to manage students’ access to websites– to focus digital learning on all major platform operating systems in real-time.

Impero class:room is also integrated with Microsoft Teams to allow teachers to message students individually and provide one-to-one support when needed.

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