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The economic stimulus package and what it means for schools


As school closures extend and uncertainty continues, schools and districts are seeking guidance and resources to ensure students can successfully continue to learn remotely. The economic stimulus package enacted by the U.S. government includes billions of dollars to assist states and schools during long-term school closures caused by the pandemic. The package includes $13.5 billion for states and school districts. States must give at least 90% of the money they receive to districts. The other 10% which is designated for state education departments allows them to choose how to spend the rest through grants or contracts.

Each state’s amount of funds is determined by how much money it currently receives through Title I – so states with more low-income students will receive more coronavirus relief funding. But, what does this really mean for schools?

What schools need to know about the economic stimulus package

Districts can spend portions of their funds on a variety of different items or programs to assist with school closures. Some of these include:

  • Cleaning/sanitizing supplies for schools and district buildings.
  • Efforts to help students from low-income families, students with disabilities, English learners, homeless students, and students in foster care.
  • Coordinating long-term school closures, including meals, technology, and serving students with disabilities.
  • Buying technology, including connectivity, to help students continue learning, including adaptive equipment for students with disabilities.
  • Items needed by principals to address the needs of their individual schools.
  • Mental health services.
  • Planning and providing summer learning and after-school programs (in-person or online).
  • Providing district-level services and employing staffers.

Purchasing devices

Portions of the economic stimulus package can be spent on buying technology to ensure students are fully equipped to continue learning during long-term school closures. With extensive options and resources, it can be overwhelming for any school district determining which devices are the best solutions. According to Reviewed (part of USA Today), here is a list of the best laptops for students in 2020. They also created a list of the best tablets in 2020 and the best tablets for kids in 2020.

How does Impero help?

Once schools have devices for their students, it is also important to select a high-quality monitoring and device management software. Impero’s Education Pro is a powerful cross-platform product combining tools for online safety, teacher control, and real-time monitoring and session tracking for student devices. Teachers have access to key tools, including live thumbnail view, broadcast screen, block list and log viewer to ensure students receive continued access to education.

We are making our web-based software free for the remainder of the school year to districts that do not already have remote monitoring software in place. Book a demonstration below:

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