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Tech we’re thankful for here at Impero


Thanksgiving stretches all the way back to 1621, when the Pilgrims started the first ever Thanksgiving tradition.  On November 22, families across the U.S. will be tucking into their Thanksgiving spread, turkey, yams and ending the festivity with a classic pumpkin pie.

There’s lots of things to be thankful for: family, health, food, a home… all the way down to the little things –  the things that have become part of our everyday, such as technology.

What technology are we thankful for at Impero?

Tech we're thankful for at Impero


As you would expect from a software company, we love technology and we’re thankful for it each and every day. Whether we’re keeping in contact with friends all over the world through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or using visual communication to keep in contact with family or friends of 10 years through Facetime and Skype, we’re all thankful for these platforms in making the world feel a whole lot smaller, and loved ones a whole lot closer.

Alongside all the Chrome and Google lovers, we cannot forget how technology provides instant knowledge at our fingertips and access to unlimited music through the likes of Spotify. While music helps some people focus when working, there are many applications available to help with work, including the likes of Word 2016, Logic Pro X, (for technical infrastructure drawings) and even the calculator!

The evenings call for a completely different load of applications, whether you’re hitting the gym and recording your runs through Strava or FitBits, sitting back and catching up on your favorite shows on Netflix or SkyGo, trying to complete your latest game on Steam, or even simply ordering some food on JustEat; technology is integrated into all parts of our lives!

But why are we thankful for this technology? Here’s what some of the employees of Impero had to say:

“Bluetooth headphones have completely changed my running. I can listen to music, answer the phone and have a conversation all while getting in my miles for the day.”

“I love music, so having customized daily mixes allows me to discover new and exciting music.”

“Social media helps keep me connected with close friends, while allowing me to share and view interests and hobbies.”

“Virtual headsets help all of us cross the bridge into the virtual world.”

“Overall, the internet makes it easier to access the collective knowledge of humanity.”

What does Impero do?

Here at Impero, we collectively work together to create Impero Education Pro, a consolidated solution for classroom management, student online safety and network management. Working across Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS, Impero Education Pro helps you control, manage and monitor your devices from a single location – what more can you be thankful for?

To learn more about Impero Education Pro, watch this video or book a demonstration with our team here.

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