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Support positive digital citizenship through real time monitoring

Support positive digital citizenship through real time monitoring


Digital citizenship, not a new term, but one that is becoming ever more important as technology is adopted by students. Technology is part of students’ everyday lives, with 24% of teens across the U.S. spending 40 or more hours a week using social media. To ensure students are responsible and safe online, teaching positive digital citizenship is necessary.

Alongside teaching students about online dangers and how to be a good digital citizen, it’s important to enforce this further by monitoring student activity.

how does monitoring help create a good digital citizen?

Impero Software work with a number of charities and specialist organizations including SafeBAE, ANAD, ESSN, Hey U.G.L.Y and IWF (to name a few!) to help detect a variety of online dangers including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Eating disorders
  • Weapons and violence
  • Bullying and trolling
  • Illegal content
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • And many more!

Through keyword detection and real time monitoring, schools/districts have full visibility of what students are accessing online, whilst capturing any keywords or phrases associated with the online danger discussed above.

Email notifications are sent, in real time, to relevant members of staff throughout the school/district whether that be administration, principals, counsellors or the technical team, where they can resolve the situation swiftly. These individuals are given an opportunity to sit down with the student, offer counter narratives and intervene before a situation may escalate. In doing so, these conversations with reinforce their digital citizenship lessons and students will begin to understand how to be a responsible digital citizen and keep themselves safe online.

Find out how our customers have benefited from live thumbnail monitoring and keyword detection when educating their students about positive digital citizenship.

how our customers have reinforced positive digital citizenship

Customer quotes regarding digital citizenship and online safety

Learn more about how Impero Education Pro supports positive digital citizenship by attending a webinar today.

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