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Online learning has become the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic, and with some schools not scheduled to re-open until August at the earliest, it’s important that teachers and parents have the learning resources they need to make online learning successful. This means having tools that are easy to use and will help keep students on track and engaged.

Many companies have decided to make their products free for teachers and students during the pandemic.  Tech & Learning, District Administration and THE Journal, among others, have published lists of these learning resources.

In addition to having access to free learning resources, there are certain things that are important for remote learning.  :

  • Online learning management systems help teachers stay connected with students, assign work and keep track of student progress. Schools should select a tool that is intuitive for both teachers and students, and they should provide training so teachers are comfortable using all of the features. It is also important to make sure the tool works on the devices that students will be using. An LMS that works on multiple platforms is especially important if students are using their own devices rather than a standard device that is sent home with them from the school.
  • Social-emotional learning resources can be a huge benefit during these uncertain times. Switching to remote learning is a big shift. Add to that the anxiety associated with the pandemic and it creates a lot of extra stress for students, parents and teachers. When looking for social-emotional learning resources make sure to select ones that are age-appropriate, easy to do at home and that will engage the child. For example, if the lesson is on resolving conflicts, it may be difficult for a child who doesn’t have strong family support for at-home learning to find someone to role-play with. The better choice might be to select a resource that involves watching a video or reading a lesson to teach the skill.
  • Online curriculum and lessons should be engaging and easy for students to use. Using tools that were already in use during the school year will make the transition to remote learning easier. If internet connectivity is an issue, teachers may want to choose printable activities that parents can pick up or that can be sent home in the mail rather than online lessons. It’s also important to take into consideration whether special accommodations are needed such as read-aloud or translation features and select lessons that meet students’ needs.

How Impero can help

It is also important to select a high-quality monitoring and device management software to support online learning. Impero’s Education Pro is a powerful cross-platform product combining tools for online safety, teacher control, and real-time monitoring and session tracking for student devices. With the software, teachers can see a live thumbnail view of students’ devices, they can broadcast information to students’ screens, they can create a list of sites to block and they can view a log of sites students are using to ensure students are spending time learning.

In order to help teachers keep students on task throughout the school day when they are online learning, Impero Software is making Impero Education Pro free for the remainder of the school year to districts that do not already have remote monitoring software in place. To book a demonstration, visit


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