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Remote learning with Impero Education Pro


Virtual learning, distance learning and remote learning, whatever you may know it as, they all have the same objective during this pandemic; to ensure students receive continued access to education, and go on to achieve successful outcomes. Many organisations are releasing resources and guidance to support school closures and ensure students continue to have a great learning experience and we’re here to help you respond to this new technology challenge.

Tools you need for remote learning

Teachers and technical teams know the challenges of controlling students use of devices when they’re in the classroom right in front of them, now imagine the difficulty teaching your students virtually. Gone are the days of being able to look over their shoulder to see what your students are accessing; teachers need simple classroom control tools to keep their students focused and on task.

With Impero Education Pro, schools can monitor devices in a number of ways. Impero Education Pro combines online safety, network management and classroom control tools into a single, powerful cross-platform product suite, designed to enhance learning, support IT teams and safeguard students in the digital world. Here are some of the key tools that our customers use when monitoring student devices remotely:

Using Impero Education Pro in a remote school environment

Although a LAN based solution, Impero Education Pro can be configured in several different ways to allow schools to monitor any remote working students and utilise the tools discussed above to enhance the virtual learning experience.

Option 1: VPN Tunnel

Student’s devices will connect to the school’s network as if they are at the school. Impero will work on the student devices with no additional configuration.

Option 2: Impero server added to school’s DMZ

Student’s device will connect to the Impero server at the school from anywhere in the world via a public IP address.

Option 3: Hosted server

An Impero server can work in a hosted environment (via a platform like AWS or Azure) managed by a school or by Impero. Student’s devices will then connect to the server from anywhere in the world via a public IP address.

From a technical standpoint, there will be a need for additional infrastructure set-up on student and staff devices, as well as the need to add firewall exclusions, but the overall outcomes will help give teachers the tools they need to control, monitor and manage their students remotely.

For more information about Impero Education Pro and configuring its capabilities for remote learning, give us a call on 01509 611341 or book a demonstration below:

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