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With both desktop and laptop computers playing an increasingly significant role in how organisations go about their business, it’s no surprise that the demands on employees and the machines they use have dramatically expanded. One such area is remote usage, whereby computers are used off-site, or otherwise controlled on-site remotely. That’s where Impero’s remote control software steps in to liberate your network.

Our remote support solution, Impero Remote Manager, provides first class remote control software features that give technical teams and network manager’s full remote access to a user’s computer. The capabilities of our remote control software profoundly enhance the way a computer can be made to work harder for your business, saving you time and money. The cost efficiencies cannot be underestimated.

Whereas before the introduction of remote control software any necessary updates, additions or instructions had to be applied in the presence of a computer, with Impero Remote Manager these same tasks can be achieved from anywhere in the world with an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Just as importantly, these activities can be applied across multiple machines at the same time.

Just look at these remote control software features: remote screen broadcasting capability; remote screen viewing capability; remote screen, keyboard and mouse control; remote software install onto multiple PCs; unlimited device support through a single console; granular permissions for controlled access rights; powerful remote administration tools; and impenetrable SSL (TLS 1.1) encryption to ensure network security. You can read more about the full range of features here.

The benefits are numerous. Our remote control software features dramatically speed up technical support team response times, allowing organisations to avoid the disruption of downtime. This leads to increased productivity, and creates a more efficient and effective working environment. As a consequence your business works harder and provides greater return on investment, and all without compromising your network’s security.

All this and more can be achieved cost effectively through Impero’s blended licensing model, which is tailored to meet your specific usage needs, whether large or small.

Impero remote control software is the leading remote support solution

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