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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019


With the data in this USA Today article stating that billions of people were impacted by a data breach or a cyberattack in 2018 – with 765 million being impacted in the months of April, May and June alone – it is no wonder we have an entire month dedicated to cybersecurity awareness.

What does National Cybersecurity Awareness Month mean for schools?

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.” But what does cybersecurity mean for schools? According to an article by EdScoop, education is ranked the worst in cybersecurity out of 17 major industries with significant weaknesses in application and network security. There have been 704 cyberattacks in schools since 2016, including 61 districts hit more than once.

With the number of cyberattacks on the rise, it is important to raise awareness among students and educators about what they can do to help prevent a cyberattack. With this year’s theme urging people—including students—to be personally accountable and proactive in adhering to security best practices and to follow established digital privacy policies, now is a great time to focus on this important area of digital citizenship.

4 rules to enhance cybersecurity in your school

How can you keep students safe while still allowing them access to software and technology they use frequently to learn? Start by following these basic rules:

  1. Make sure they protect their identity by not giving out too much information online (including pictures) and that they understand the basics of cyberbullying.
  2. Make sure they understand what to do if they are the victim of an online threat.
  3. Update all school software and privacy settings and help students create unique passwords for every account they have.
  4. Review your school’s acceptable use policy and make sure filters block out both inappropriate content and time-wasting sites.

How does Impero help to keep your network safe and secure?

Impero offers several management and security tools to help keep students, and their data, safe.  Impero’s alerts educators when students search for or use words related to hacking and cybercrime when using the school network. Impero’s network management tools allow IT administrators to update devices remotely to ensure the devices’ security software is up to date and provide four-eyes authentication to ensure critical permissions changes are approved by administrators.

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