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Impero’s Summer Event 2018


What a hectic week we’ve had here at Impero! Impero’s summer event has been full of learning, laughter and lots of opportunity to get to know our fellow employees. Not only have we learnt more about the direction Impero is moving towards, we’ve integrated more as a team towards achieving this end goal.

The week kicked off with a presentation from Richard, our CEO, discussing what to expect from Impero’s summer event and what to look forward to. Presentations, break out groups, training and development sessions… everyone at Impero crammed their brains full of new knowledge. Here’s what we got up to!

what we got up to at Impero’s summer event

LOTS of presentations

Led by different departments, from product and development to sales and marketing – and, of course, let’s not forget about our fantastic support and QA team – it was an opportunity to delve into what everyone in the business does day-to-day and see how we all work collectively to meet an end goal.

Alongside all the presentations, the team were able to attend a series of development sessions regarding a number of topics including number of topics around online safety, internal systems and processes and the latest trends in edtech and education, all delivered by those knowledgeable in these areas throughout the business. Over 20 hours’ worth of information and expertise was passed on and absorbed by the team – but we were treated to a half-day on the Friday for all our hard work (woohoo!).

Team-building exercises

Throughout the week, the Impero team were thrown together to get to know each other. Whether it be through group work and presenting together, the social event or (and some may say most importantly) the table football and pool competitions – nothing like a bit of competitive rivalry to encourage some team-building. The team were all encouraged to talk to others they may not usually, bond and help continue to build the friendly culture at Impero.

Meeting the U.K. team

And what an experience it was! Flying over to London, travelling to Nottingham and having some adventures in the U.K. sun. For most of us it was the first time even travelling to the U.K., let alone meeting the team! As well as exploring Nottingham, we got stuck in on all the action and finally got to put some names to faces after several months of speaking via email or over the phone since the Austin office opened back in February. It was great to meet them all, they even taught us some local terms and treated us to a proper English fish and chips!

Overall Impero’s summer event was a big success! There’s even talks of it becoming a yearly thing… we can’t wait!

Impero in ROAR tshirts

opportunities at Impero

We’re always looking for new talent to add to our ever-expanding team at Impero. If you’re looking for a fun, creative and entrepreneurial company contact us at [email protected].

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