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Impero sponsors ESC 20 Technology Directors Meeting

Impero sponsors ESC 20 Technology Directors Meeting


On April 26, we travelled the much shorter distance south from our new Austin home to San Antonio, where we were sponsoring the ESC 20 Technology Directors Meeting. Technology Directors from across Region 20 of Texas consult with ESC 20 to improve student performance and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of school operations – it’s a great opportunity for us to talk to Technology Directors face-to-face and understand their requirements for technology solutions.

The day kicked off smoothly with a quick introduction by the Region 20 Chief Technology Officer. Throughout the ESC 20 Technology Directors Meeting, the Austin team delivered 3 sessions to over 40 to 45 Technology Directors of school districts across Region 20, discussing Impero Education Pro with these attendees and demonstrating how Impero can benefit them within each of their districts. These sessions were received exceptionally well by those attending, with a large proportion staying behind after each session to ask questions and delve further into what Impero Education Pro has to offer.

Since we were the silver sponsors of the ESC 20 Technology Directors Meeting, we provided lunch for all of the attendees, which went down well by all. Free food, what’s not to love?!

I thought it was extremely successful event, Region 20 ESC definitely has a big influence in their districts and you can see by the involvement of their team and the collaborative efforts from the districts attending as well. The best part about it was being able to directly speak to the Chief Technology Officer and discussing the opportunity of being added to their Region 20 Co-operative framework agreement.” Gino Silvas, Account Executive

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