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Impero launches app version of Impero EdAware


We pride ourselves on keeping students safe and working together to prevent suicide. That’s why, today of all days, we’ve launched our app version of Impero EdAware to help schools quickly and effectively record and report student safety concerns, all within a central, court-safe location.

3 benefits of the Impero EdAware app

  1. Immediate recording of safeguarding issues

Available on Android and iOS, the Impero EdAware app allows staff members to record concerns that come to light on the playground, in the lunch hall or even in the hallways immediately from their mobile devices. Recording these concerns as they occur ensure accurate details are documented with thorough notes.

  1. Full picture of a student’s wellbeing

Consolidating online concerns (captured in Impero EdProtect) and student safety concerns spotted offline, all concerns are pulled into a chronology for each student. This chronology provides a complete overview of the student’s wellbeing including child protection, behavioral and mental health needs to allow for informed follow-up actions.

  1. Early intervention and support

With this complete picture, as discussed above, Impero EdAware helps to build up a timeline of a student. When viewed separately these concerns may not be a high risk, however collectively the concerns may identify a student who needs support. Contextualising and combining this full range of information helps identify risk and provides the background information needed to support the student appropriately, whether that be referring to external agencies, families or simply setting up counseling sessions.

Learn more about the app version of Impero EdAware

Designed specifically for the education setting, Impero EdAware empowers schools and school districts to monitor and audit their student safety policies and track student safety concerns in a central location. Learn how Impero EdAware can support your school or school district by booking a demonstration here.

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