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Impero Education Pro combines classroom, desktop and network management software solutions

Impero Education Pro is all-inclusive classroom, desktop, network management solution. L.A. County schools concur.


When it comes to managing classroom, desktop, and network management solutions for K-12 school districts, IT managers know that there are dozens of software options available. It can be overwhelming to find, test, and implement the right technology, especially if trying to use several applications for different functions.

The ideal situation is to have a suite of tools and features that work together seamlessly from one central location, managing all technology needs of the school district. This solution needs to control internet usage, patch management, systems troubleshooting, print management, and energy usage. It also needs to work on all the many devices now being used in schools such as Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets. In classrooms, this software needs to be able to control screensharing, digital communication, app management, and monitor what students are doing on the web. Although this may sound too good to be true, there is a solution!

Impero Education Pro, proven in schools worldwide, is this solution. Designed and built by education software developers with the help of expert educators and administrators, Education Pro has revolutionized classroom, desktop, and network management in schools of all sizes. By combining all the major features needed, Education Pro is becoming the international best choice in school technology management.

It is for this reason that the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) has selected Education pro as the management software for its new initiative to modernize its schools’ technology infrastructure. As the nation’s largest regional public school agency, LACOE needed a remote management system that can be scaled to service 80+ district schools, while providing a classroom management system that is easy to use for thousands of teachers implementing new 1:1 programs. (Read the full press release announcing LACOE’s partnership with Impero here)

Tony Lucich, director of Technology Infrastructure and Cybersecurity of LACOE, and his technical staff evaluated many solutions for network and classroom management. Their final choice was Impero for performance, security and scalability. “We chose Impero Education Pro to consolidate several products into one comprehensive solution,” said Lucich.

Impero Education Pro is the only IT management console designed for K-12 schools that makes it possible to remotely view and manage PCs, Macs, iPads and Chromebooks from a single management console in real-time across an entire school district. “It was always my vision to make a solution that would help school districts of any size easily manage everything on their network. I’m confident Impero will meet all of L.A. County’s needs and the needs of every other school district,” Said Jon Valentine, Impero CEO.

Learn more about Impero’s leading classroom management software:

Teachers, educators and administrators can experience first-hand Impero’s unrivalled classroom management software tools and features. You can book a demo and download a free trial. You can speak with our dedicated and experienced education team at 1-877-883-4370. Alternatively, email us at [email protected]



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