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Impero Education Pro – Benefits of the Confide Tool


To reduce the amount of safeguarding concerns, Impero Education Pro offers anonymous student reporting software, known as Confide. The Confide tool, which is easily accessible on a student’s desktop, allows students to report safeguarding concerns either about themselves or another student, to a trusted member of staff. When using the Confide tool, students can choose to be identified, which is determined by a simple tick box. Students can also request that staff respond via a preferred method of contact, such as email, in person, phone or text. There is also a ‘disable anonymous reporting’ option, if schools do not want students to be able to remain anonymous. If this is selected the Login ID of the student submitting the safeguarding concern is automatically captured so the school can identify who submitted the concern via the Confide tool.

Staff members are instantly alerted to any safeguarding concerns reported to them, with access to all reports via the Confide Viewer as a record for tracking, reporting, or for review. The Confide tool gives staff the option to add a note against a disclosure and change its severity status which is logged as part of an audit trail. Additionally, there is the inability to delete a Confide report ensuring that, if a disclosure was made about a member of staff who has access to the confide viewer, the member of staff cannot remove the disclosure from within the system.

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What do our customers think about the Confide tool?

“Impero Education Pro enables us to provide access, with the ability to monitor carefully and intervene where necessary. Impero has also helped to inform our practice; we’ve used keyword detection and Confide to identify any emerging patterns of risk or concerning behavior, so that we can remain both proactive and reactive to online safety.” Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form, UK

To find out more about how Impero Education Pro’s Confide Tool can assist your school in safeguarding students visit our website or see our latest safeguarding seminars!

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