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How does personalized learning impact student outcomes?


Differentiation is a key element of personalized learning. Teachers tailor instruction to each student’s strengths, needs and interests. Student choice and voice are prioritized in this flexible learning environment, and research has shown it can improve student achievement.

A report by RAND examined the efficacy of a personalized learning model in schools. Researchers examined achievement in 62 schools that were doing some form of personalized learning and looked at implementation details in 32 of those schools. The research found there were “positive effects on student mathematics and reading performance and that the lowest-performing students made substantial gains relative to their peers.”

As student achievement increases, other benefits are also apparent in the classroom. Personalized learning helps increase student engagement and collaboration in the classroom. Students also have more opportunities to develop many important life skills, including:

  • Motivation
  • Reliability
  • Self-reflective abilities
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Effective communication

As schools and districts are more likely to implement personalized learning, it’s important for them to carefully outline how they plan to implement it to ensure it will be a success in all classrooms.

How to achieve personalized learning success at your school or district

Schools and districts should start by making sure teachers are trained and confident in how to assess students and customize their learning experiences. Teachers should meet to discuss different methods and approaches and choose the one that works best for their student population and unique circumstances. It is also important to provide the right technology for teachers to use so they can create a personalized learning environment in their classroom.

How does Impero help?

Impero’s monitoring and management software, Impero Education Pro, helps teachers navigate personalized learning in a number of ways:

  • Teaching tools and screen broadcasting: Put teachers in the driver’s seat by letting them control students’ screens in order to keep them focused on learning. Screen broadcasting allows students to present to their classmates to highlight their work.
  • Real-time monitoring: Helps technical teams pinpoint technical issues as they occur and resolve them remotely in limit downtime for students.
  • Session tracking: Teachers can digitally assign tasks, which students mark as complete in real time, helping teachers to track student progress throughout a lesson and provide supports to students who are struggling or enrichment to students who are excelling.

These classroom control, instruction and monitoring tools keep students on task, focused and engaged when using devices in the classroom and empower educators to create a personalized learning environment. Learn more about how Impero can help by scheduling a demonstration below:

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