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get the facts on Impero’s updated keyword library for online safety in schools


Fact: Over 600 new websites are launched in the U.S. every day.

Fact: There are more than 100,000 new searches on Google every second.

Fact: Nearly 43 percent of kids have been bullied online. One in four has had it happen more than once.

Fact: Hundreds of pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia websites are active today, and thousands more link to blogs, forums and pro-anorexia internet images

Fact: Violent extremists and criminal organizations exploit the internet to recruit, groom and facilitate the radicalization of young people.

Fact: Kids ages 8 to 18 spend an average of 44.5 hours per week in front of screens

What do these facts have in common? With kids spend most of their waking hours online, the ever-changing internet world poses many dangers to young people. These facts prove it.

Pornography, racial hatred, cyberbullying and other violent content fill the internet and are inappropriate for children. It is more important than ever to provide safeguarding and guidance to students for navigating the web safely, but with new websites and content popping up daily, it’s impossible to know what to block and filter.

So, what’s a school district — with hundreds of children who can access the internet — to do? Here are some facts about monitoring software for online safety and how it can help keep kids safe on the internet.

Fact: Online monitoring software is effective.

Rather than simply blocking and filtering content (there’s way too much out there to keep up), Impero Software provides a managed approach to safeguarding students by monitoring online activity. Impero’s Education Pro product contains a vast library of terms and phrases that uses algorithms to detect and flag inappropriate keywords and concerning content. The system alerts those responsible for safeguarding issues within the school and captures a screenshot or short video to provide context of the situation. This way, authority figures can analyze the activity and determine if it is a true threat or if there is another explanation. Issues can then be dealt with, students can be mentored and good digital citizenship can prevail.

Fact: Updated keyword lists help schools detect areas of concern for their students.

As the leading e-safety solution in the U.K., Impero Education Pro has had an extensive list of keywords for several years. Recently, though, Impero updated its library of keywords to include a more comprehensive list of U.S.-specific terms and definitions in the following categories:

Racial and Religious Hatred; Eating Disorders; Suicide; Self-Harm; Adult Content; Weapons and Violence; LGBT Derogatory Language; Radicalization and Extremism.

Fact: Our updated keyword library was built by experts in each category.

The beauty of Impero Education Pro’s keyword library is that it was developed alongside nonprofit organizations, charities and schools and by experts within them. Every term, phrase and definition was developed and edited by national experts, such as iKeepSafe, Hey UGLY and ANAD. Additionally, focus groups were held in schools to give Impero direct information on trends from students and teachers. To ensure effectiveness, the keywords are constantly being updated and tested.

Fact: Impero Education Pro’s keyword library is customizable.

In addition to the keyword library lists of terms, schools are able to upload their own words and phrases. The customizable feature allows schools to address any issues specific to their students. Educators can also use Impero Education Pro to block students from accessing the Internet or certain web sites and view screenshots and timelines of student activity. Administrators can create reports and export data on student or class activity or on trending phrases.

Fact: Impero Education Pro keyword library is free

The keyword library function comes free with the Education Pro software suite. Existing customers need only to contact Impero for download instructions. New customers will also receive the keyword library with purchase of Education Pro.

For the full keyword library launch press release, click here.

To find out more about how Impero education network management software can help your school with online monitoring, request a free demo and trial on our website. To talk to our team of education experts, call 877.883.4370, or email Impero now to arrange a call back.