Four Remote Access Considerations for ATM Support

It’s estimated there are more than three million ATM machines in existence worldwide – 420,000+ in the United States alone. That’s a lot of devices…

It’s estimated there are more than three million ATM machines in existence worldwide – 420,000+ in the United States alone. That’s a lot of devices to maintain and support.

At Impero, we’re fortunate to have several large ATM manufacturers as customers. Based on their feedback throughout the years, our own observations and domain expertise, here are four characteristics we feel are necessary when considering a remote access solution for supporting ATMs.

  1. Versatility: Though they primarily perform the same basic functions, ATMs come in all shapes in sizes. Where traditional machines allow people to withdraw cash and check account balances, newer devices allow customers to deposit cash, checks, determine withdrawal denominations and more. As you can imagine, ATM hardware and software can vary significantly, but regardless of technical specifications, a remote access solution should enable your IT staff to connect to and support any device – all from a single and familiar user support interface.
  2. Security: Provided the sensitive information that exists on ATMs, security is of the utmost importance. To effectively support ATMs, a remote access solution should help your team maintain compliance. Not only should a solution support your company’s overall security strategy, but also offer comprehensive audit trails, automatic session recordings, centralized and granular access rights and multi-factor authentication.
  3. Connectivity: Regardless where an ATM is located, staff members need to be able to establish remote connections. As such, a remote access solution should provide stable, reliable and consistent connections regardless of location or communication protocols. Connectivity shouldn’t be an obstacle when working or your daily support tasks.
  4. Support Capabilities: Once you’ve established a connection to an ATM, your staff will need to be able perform maintenance and troubleshoot issues. A robust remote access solution will enable your team to:
    • Run supervisor functions and tests
    • Copy and execute software programs
    • Complete remote settlement
    • Perform remote diagnostics
    • Copy files both to and from the ATM
    • Run remote scripts
    • Execute hardware and software inventories

If you’re looking to improve remote support for your ATMs, Impero Connect is an effective solution with a proven track record when it comes versatility, security, connectivity and overall capabilities. Interested in learning more? Download a free trial today.

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