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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) means more technology opportunities for schools


December 2015 marks an historic change in US federal laws on education. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, replacing No Child Left Behind, was signed into law by President Barack Obama. With this new act, federal involvement in education is scaled back, giving states more control over testing and accountability.

In addition to changes in testing and accountability, under this new law, funding decisions for schools have shifted to state and districts. An article in US News & World Report states that some US states will have “the opportunity to combine and distribute federal, state and local funds through one formula that allocates resources based on student needs.” This “weighted funding” will empower school leaders “to make the best choices for their community. With the autonomy to design programs based on individual contexts, school leaders can best devise instructional and enrichment programs that support their students when school budgets are driven by student need rather than funding for specific programs.”

ESSA means changes in funding for schools

Within ESSA, many programs are laid out with budgets for each. In contrast to No Child Left Behind, several programs have been lumped together, giving educational leaders the ability to allocate funds in the best manner for their student population. Within this program, TITLE IV lays out funding for technology programs and training. See below:



Subpart 1:

FY 2015 Appropriation: NA AUTHORIZED LEVELS:

FY 2017: $1,650,000

FY 2018: $1,600,000

FY 2019: $1,600,000

FY 2020: $1,600,000 5

  • 4107: Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities Sec. 4108: Safe and Healthy Students
  • 4109: Effective Use of Technology Note: LEAs that receive an award of $30,000 or more must spend at least 20% of their funds on at least one activity in Sec. 4107, at least 20% of their funds on at least one activity on
  • 4108, and a portion of their funds on at least one activity under Sec. 4109. LEAs that receive less than $30,000 must only do one of those three.

Subpart 2—Internet Safety

For a full breakdown of the ESSA budget, see the Committee for Education Funding handout here.

ESSA means technology opportunity for students & teachers

With the changes in funding, it appears that school leaders will have more opportunities to train teachers in new technologies, invest in technology innovations, and fill the gaps in technology accessibility for students. Enthusiasm for this opportunity was recently voiced by Intel’s K-12 Education Strategist, “Intel is pleased to see a renewed emphasis on integrating technology into the classroom through the new Title IV’s emphasis on supporting devices, Internet applications, on-line learning, and technology professional development for America’s classroom educators.” and “With ESSA becoming the law of the land, local school authorities will decide how best to bridge the technology and connectivity gaps and provide many more US students and teachers the digital and collaborative tools they need to complete in the global marketplace.”

With these new laws in place, 2016 is sure to bring new innovations in education and new opportunities for students across the United States. Impero Software is happy to be a part of these new changes.

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