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Checking off your summer holiday tasks

Checking off your summer holiday tasks


With the summer holidays in full swing, it’s all go, go, go for technical teams. As students are gone, you can hit your stride running and crack on with your summer holiday tasks with little or no disruptions.

No matter what’s on your to-do-list this summer, whether it be big projects like a complete refurb of your network, ripping up servers or even replacing your whole infrastructure, there’s a few summer holiday tasks you cannot forget. To ensure a successful start to academic year 2018-2019 we’ve put together the summer to-do-list below!

your summer to-do-list

  • Keep machines up-to-date

Seat hopping, power on, log in, update, shut down, repeat. Keeping up with Microsoft updates is tiring and updating applications as well can make keeping your machines up to date one of the longest, and some may say tedious, of your summer holiday tasks. But nevertheless, it’s a task that must be completed. Make sure you keep some time aside to power through this task.

  • Deploy new software across all devices

What’s that? A new program for encouraging students to code? It’s back to seat hopping. Make sure you’ve got a list of all programs and applications that have been purchased, as well as which machines and devices these programs need to be installed on. You can then split the task down and begin installation.

  • Set up and configure any new devices

Whether it be Window PCs and laptops, Chromebooks, iPads or even Macs, getting these devices set up and ready before the students are back is crucial. Don’t underestimate how long it may take, schedule time to do these, even splitting it up if necessary.

  • Create all your new student accounts and archive leavers

Jessica Jones has left, but Luke Cage is a new student. Time to create a whole load of new student accounts and email addresses, along with corresponding usernames and passwords. Make sure you keep a note of those archived and those created for ease as this task is inevitably going to end up on your summer holiday to-do-list next year.

  • Input timetable and curriculum preparation into your SIS

Now you’ve got all the student accounts created, it’s time to input the class timetables and curriculum so students know where they’re going and when, as well as teachers. This is one of the most important summer holiday tasks and getting this right is crucial.

how can Impero help simplify your summer holiday tasks?

  1. Impero Patch

Impero Patch uses automated detection to patch Microsoft and more than 60 third-party applications to reduce downtime and avoid security vulnerabilities. You don’t have to physically touch each machine, simply set a criteria and off it goes.

  1. Wake-on-LAN and shut down capabilities

Seat hopping has been mentioned a few times throughout the summer holiday tasks, however with the help of our power management functionality you can power on machines, do updates, install software and configure devices and schedule shut down once complete, all from the comfort of your office.

  1. Deploy MSI functionality

Using this functionality you can enter keyboard commands once, rather than having to physically type it out on each machine, a feature a lot of our technical teams love!

  1. Automatic group creation

Using data exported from your SIS, groups can easily be created for each class. These groups are then automatically pulled through to a teacher console during the beginning of a lesson, allowing them to easily monitor all the students in their class. Or if you’re a Clever user, Impero Education Pro integrates with Clever to automatically pull these groups for you.


Want to find out more about Impero Education Pro? Book onto a demonstration with our team here.

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