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Scott Orth's Posts

How You Can Use Classroom Management Software in the Hybrid Classroom

School is coming to a close and summer is finally almost here. After a very long year, both students and teachers are looking forward to a much-needed break. But like most school years, planning for next year is already on ...
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4 Reasons to Find Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Alternatives in 2022

In September 2018, the FBI issued a public service announcement to alert the public of cyber actors’ increased use of Remote Desktop Protocol to take part in malicious activity. More recently, with the onset of COVID-19 and remote work, a ...
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[WEBINAR] Calculating the ROI of Remote Support for ATMs

Are you spending too much on ATM support? Financial institutions tend to overspend by 47,000 USD each year on unnecessary service trips. In this webinar we review the underlying research along with best practices for reducing costs. Join us and ...
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[WEBINAR] 10 Common Remote Access Errors to Avoid

  Remote access has grown in importance, and as a result has become a target for malicious actors looking for ways to infiltrate networks. Cybercriminals know how to exploit the mistakes and errors in the way remote access is used. ...
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[WEBINAR] VPN vs. Remote Access Software

Is a VPN enough for you and your organization? Sign up for our webinar where we will cover VPN vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them with a more secure approach. With cybercrime and hacking attacks steadily on the rise, more ...
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[WEBINAR] Securing Remote Access: Basic & Advanced Strategies

How secure is your remote access solution? Sign up for our webinar and learn basic and advanced strategies to mitigate your risk. With data breaches continuing to climb, you can't settle for basic security policies. Unsecured remote access is a known ...
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