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5 considerations for choosing an offsite internet filter for fall

5 Considerations for Choosing an Offsite Internet Filter for Fall


As K-12 schools decide how to reopen for fall, we at Impero want to make sure that they are equipped to provide the most productive learning environments possible for students. This includes choosing the right technology to facilitate distance or remote learning, including choosing a CIPA-compliant internet content filter. Impero Web:check one of these solutions, and provides a robust, real-time solution for onsite and offsite internet filtering.

Here are 5 things for you to consider if you’re looking for an offsite internet filter for fall:

1. Security of the offsite internet filter.

Impero Web:check provides filtering at the network level, providing an added layer of protection to all devices on the network, whether they are on or offsite. Impero Web:check also ensures the security of your school’s network and devices in a few different ways:

  • Dynamic categorization: Unlike other web filtering software, Impero Web:check uses an AI solution to specify and categorize URLs into 90+ categories in real-time. It takes away the need to manually update “block content” lists, saving time and keeping up to date with new inappropriate or malicious content.
  • SSL Decryption: Impero Web:check decrypts SSL and filters web traffic before a student’s device can reach a website.
  • Per-User filtering: Each individual user on the school’s network can be identified with Impero Web:check. In addition, the tool supports integration with popular directory service systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure Directory, Apple Open Directory and Google Directory.

2. Scalability. 

Consider that the product you are choosing works the same in distance, remote and hybrid learning environments.

With Impero Web:check, service providers can leverage its highly scalable and flexible architecture to provide filtering services to many multiple locations from a single instance.

3. Deployment needs for on and offsite filtering.

It’s important to consider the size of your school or district, as well as the number of devices that will be served by an offsite internet filter.

If used onsite, Impero Web:check offers cloud-based or on-premise filtering options for single schools, districts/municipalities, and organizations. As a bonus, Impero Web:check works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chromebooks, working with any school environment.

If used offsite, Impero Web:check is easy to install and configure to filter any internet connection that the student uses. After installing the client software, the device can be monitored wherever it goes​.

4. Low oversight from staff.

In remote, distance or online-only school environments, it’s even more important than usual that teachers and administrators can be hyper-focused on student learning and productivity.

Impero Web:check provides granular reporting, allowing the system operator to identify filtered devices by user, workstation or group of workstations to save valuable time.

5. Excellent customer service.

When you purchase licenses for Impero Web:check, you also get access to the full support from Impero’s world-class, in-house customer support team. There’s no need to work with a third-party supplier.

Impero Web:check goes further than most web filters to optimize learner success and productivity.

Want to learn more? Book a demo to speak to a representative in your area about Impero Web:check.


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