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Corporate training providers aim to offer tailored and flexible solutions for their clients, while in-house training teams strive to nurture successful staff. Impero WorkPlace Pro helps corporate and in-house training providers to deliver an effective and professional digital learning environment.

Trainers can demonstrate tasks or showcase exemplary work through Impero WorkPlace Pro’s screen broadcasting functionality. A suite of assessment tools, including an exam module and the ability to assign tasks, serves to help educators identify the progress of their learners. Real-time monitoring of all users’ screens ensures that learners remain on task, while access management ensures users are only able to view resources and applications appropriate for the course. Taking control of a users’ device or sending a direct message enables trainers to support learners discreetly, while single-click control tools – including lock screen and disable internet – quickly gain the attention of all users as required.

Endpoint security features also help to protect your training labs from potential risk; patch management ensures software is kept up to date while intelligent USB device tracking prevents the exposure of vulnerabilities to the network. This prevents disruptive downtime and helps keep learning on schedule.


Training providers

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