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Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies handle lots of personal data and information. Impero WorkPlace Pro has been designed to help to protect client data and assist with data protection laws, while improving staff productivity.

Impero WorkPlace Pro provides a complete log of all user activity, so managers have visibility of all websites staff have accessed and applications used; this ensures all client communications can be monitored and recorded for audit trails. Intelligent USB tracking prevents the risk of vulnerabilities being exposed, or data removed from the network. This protects an agency’s data and the security of its IT infrastructure, so that disruptive downtime or misuse of information can be avoided.

Key presentations can be recorded or broadcast to all employee screens for presenting or training purposes, while real-time monitoring of all devices improves productivity and keeps staff on track. An intelligent keyword monitoring feature scans the network for specific words and phrases that may indicate risk or inappropriate activity, helping managers to evidence misuse.

Recruitment agencies

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