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Offender education

It’s no secret that the core aim of offender education is to spread best practice and improve access to learning, in order to help reduce the risk of re-offending. Whether it’s teaching functional and life skills or high school diplomas, Impero’s software helps the offender learning sector to teach a variety of qualifications within a digital environment.

Impero WorkPlace Pro supports offender education by creating secure, safe and monitored digital learning environments. Access to the internet, online resources and applications can be managed at a group or individual level, so learners are only able to view and access content deemed appropriate – and in line with their learning program.

Keyword monitoring identifies any at-risk or inappropriate words/phrases, typed anywhere on the network, so that offender learning centres can keep track of adult learners and pinpoint potential improper behavior. Real-time monitoring of all devices is useful for educators in identifying how learners are progressing and ensuring they remain focused, while an exam module helps to support interactive learning. Educators can broadcast their own screen to demonstrate a task, or broadcast a learner’s screen to highlight good work.

Offender education

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