COVID-19 - Configure Impero WorkPlace Pro for remote working environments

Managed service providers

Managing multiple IT infrastructures across disparate sites is no mean feat for managed service providers. Delivering an exceptional and reliable service for clients will be at the top of any managed service provider’s (MSP) to-do list. Using Impero WorkPlace Pro to support their offerings, MSPs can remotely manage multiple sites from a central location.

Software updates can be automatically rolled out to all devices, helping to keep equipment functional and up-to-date, without disrupting the end user. Access to online resources, including websites and applications, can be managed at a group or individual level, ensuring staff only have access to the resources that they need to perform their role; this helps to minimize distraction and improve staff productivity.

Managed service providers can remotely manage, monitor and control networks with a comprehensive suite of network admin tools.  This enables MSPs to access machines to resolve issues, provide assistance or demonstrate tasks if required. Inventory management helps MSPs to keep track of IT assets, ensuring they can be replaced or refreshed as and when required, to support the smooth running of the organizations they support.

Managed service providers

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