COVID-19 - Configure Impero WorkPlace Pro for remote working environments

Health services

The healthcare industry must deliver an exceptional service to their patients, whilst ensuring the day-to-day operations of the business run smoothly and efficiently. Impero Workplace Pro enables health services such as hospitals to create a safe, secure and central digital environment. Health services are becoming more and more stretched for time and employees are better served helping others than spending time on mundane manual IT processes. Simple tools enable IT support staff to automate several network management tasks and complete these in bulk, saving time and valuable resources.

As devices across the network store personal, confidential and medical data, health services cannot afford any downtime, delays or errors to occur. Often with large infrastructure, physically getting to every machine can be time consuming. Through remote control capabilities technical issues can be resolved on-the-fly to ensure consistent and efficient operations can be delivered during the most crucial of times.

Impero Workplace Pro is designed to secure patient data in compliance with data protection regulations, provided in a single, central console to increase security. Software updates can be automatically rolled out to all machines, helping to keep devices functional and up to date, without any disruptions.

Health services

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