COVID-19 - Configure Impero WorkPlace Pro for remote working environments

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Impero WorkPlace Pro enables call center managers to control access to specific websites, applications and resources. Managing this access, alongside real-time monitoring, helps to remove potential distractions while focusing staff.

Remote communication tools empower call center managers to increase the productivity of their teams. Managers can view live thumbnails of their teams’ screens (in real time) to ensure that they are on task, with the ability to remotely control a team member’s screen to demonstrate tasks and facilitate training.  Access to a complete log of all user activity, including websites visited and applications opened, also enables managers to keep track of their team’s performance. A live messaging tool can be used to send information or provide motivation directly to users, while single-click control tools – such as lock screen – can be useful to gain attention during team briefings.

Significant savings can also be made using Impero WorkPlace Pro’s print and power management features. Automated powering on/off of devices at specific times, such as the end of the working day or over the weekend, ensures machines aren’t left powered on overnight or unnecessarily. Detailed reports show energy and cost savings to help evidence a return on investment, while print management restricts users’ printing access to curb careless behavior.

Call centers

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