COVID-19 - Configure Impero WorkPlace Pro for remote working environments

Remote working with Impero WorkPlace Pro

Remote working with Impero WorkPlace Pro

29th April 2020

Many organizations are currently working remotely due to the effects of COVID-19, including us here at Impero. As organizations are adjusting to this new way of working, it’s clear that the existing solutions and processes used in an office environment, are no longer suitable for remote working.  We are here to help you respond to this new technology challenge; we’ve already onboarded several organizations across the globe by providing them with remote working functionality.

Tools you need for remote working

Impero WorkPlace Pro consolidates network management, device monitoring and communication tools into a single, powerful cross-platform product suite, all with remote working capabilities. Designed to streamline IT processes, save valuable time, improve efficiency, reduce downtime and improve employee productivity in a digital environment Impero WorkPlace Pro can support organizations when managing and controlling their remote working environments during COVID-19. Here are some of the key features that can be used to track, monitor and manage employees’ devices across the network remotely during lockdown.

Remote corporate

Using Impero WorkPlace Pro in a remote environment

Although a LAN-based solution, Impero WorkPlace Pro can be configured in several different ways to allow organizations to monitor any remote working staff (and utilize the features discussed above) to enhance and aid the virtual working experience.

Option 1: VPN Tunnel

Employees devices will connect to the organizations network as if they are at the work. Impero will work on the employee’s devices with no additional configuration.

Option 2: Impero server added to organizations DMZ

Employee’s device will connect to the Impero server at the organization’s office from anywhere in the world via a public IP address.

Option 3: Hosted server

*Additional set-up may be required for some features

An Impero server can work in a hosted environment (via a platform like AWS or Azure) managed by an organization or by Impero. Employee’s devices will then connect to the server from anywhere in the world via a public IP address.

For more information about Impero WorkPlace Pro and configuring its capabilities for remote working, give us a call on + (0) 1509 611341 or book a demonstration here.

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