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Impero announces further investment from owners

15th April 2020

Investment from Investcorp Technology Partners

Back in 2017, Impero was acquired by Investcorp Technology Partners in 2017. Investcorp Technology Partners has a strong track record in the tech space, investing in European-headquartered technology companies with strong management teams. We’re so proud that since this investment, we’ve gone from strength to strength, announcing a series of product releases, opening a US office in Austin, Texas, establishing a sales operation in the UAE and making a number of senior appointments to bolster the management team.

This year, we were delighted to announce further investment of almost £6m from existing shareholders, after a record year for sales. The capital will be used to accelerate projected growth in both the UK, US and international markets and to bring forward further enhancements to our product suite, which is why, today, we have announced we will be supporting corporate needs in the network management and device monitoring space through our dedicated product Impero WorkPlace Pro.

How does Impero WorkPlace Pro support organizations?

In light of the current situation that we are all battling, we intend to expand rapidly to support many corporate organizations through these unprecedented times. For some, it’s business as usual, for others (much like ourselves), organizations are adapting to a remote working environment.

Impero WorkPlace Pro meets the needs of the dynamic modern workplace, consolidating network management, device monitoring and communication tools to streamline IT processes, all with remote working capabilities. With this recent changes for many corporate organizations, Impero WorkPlace Pro helps to ensure remote working causes as minimum disruption to both employees and the day to day running of organizations as possible. With remote control capabilities, chat functionality and intuitive IT management tools, corporate organisation can optimize performance, save time and improve efficiency.

For more information about Impero WorkPlace Pro and configuring its capabilities for remote working, give us a call on 01509 611341 or book a demonstration here.


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