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Enhance digital learning by removing distractions and through screen broadcasting software

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Improving productivity with teaching tools and screen broadcasting

Impero EdTeach‘s single-click teaching tools ensure that teachers feel confident using technology to support the delivery of lesson content. The ability to monitor and control student devices across Windows, Macs, Chromebooks and iPads (including student-owned devices), and prevent access to specific resources, enable teachers to effectively focus students’ attention.

Collaborative working, sharing ideas, demonstrating tasks – teachers are no stranger to these concepts in the classroom. With the National Curriculum requiring students to demonstrate good presentation skills and teaching staff looking for inventive ways to improve classroom instruction, classroom screen broadcasting technology offers myriad benefits.

Impero EdTeach‘s speedy broadcasting functionality is designed to help teaching staff demonstrate how to perform certain tasks, such as a step-by-step account of how to use certain applications, show videos or share resources. Using screen sharing technology, teachers can share a specific student’s screen to other student devices, or alternatively display it on a whiteboard or projector, to highlight exemplary work. A fantastic tool for interactive learning, maximising student engagement, and boosting presentations skills, screen broadcasting technology also helps to support critical peer assessment.

Screen broadcasting technology is also useful for students with impaired vision, ensuring that they have visibility of resources on their individual screen. Impero EdTeach’s screen broadcasting feature enables teachers to determine the screen scale and size of the screen broadcast, reduce the screen colour, and display either the whole screen or just a portion of the screen.

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