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New technology has changed the life of today’s modern student. Known as ‘digital natives’, young people are born into – and grow up with – the online world naturally embedded into their lives. With instant connectivity, instantaneous access to resources and a newly revolutionised way of communicating and networking online, the digital age has changed students’ expectations of learning. As a result, the digital demands on schools, colleges and universities across the UK has grown – and education establishments must therefore adapt their approach to online learning to meet the changing needs of today’s modern student.


Impero Education Pro

Although students may know how to use digital technologies and navigate the online world, do they have the skills to explore these opportunities safely? Impero Education Pro combines intuitive classroom control tools with an expertly informed online safety feature, trusted by schools and MATs across the UK to enhance learning and keep students safe.

Empowering teachers with one-click control, instruction and assessment tools, Impero Education Pro helps to establish a safe digital working environment, comply with a number of UK school inspectorates, including Ofsted, ISI, Education Scotland and Estyn, and meeting ‘appropriate monitoring’ national standards.

Here’s how:

  • Removing digital distractions through lock screen or restricting access helps to focus learning
  • Interactive learning tools, including a comprehensive exam module, increases classroom engagement
  • Tracking progress throughout a lesson, with instant access to exam results, a quick poll feature and setting tasks (which can be marked as complete in real time), ensures learning objectives are met
  • Live chat and remote control functionality supports struggling students
  • Screen broadcasting helps to showcase great work
  • Real-time monitoring, with incident captures and alerts, keeps students safe