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Primary schools

Childline recently reported that children as young as 7 had told counselors that they had been tormented by malicious messages online. And with tablet ownership among young children increasing, growing from 0% for both 3-4 year olds and 5-7 years olds to 16% and 32% respectively, there’s no denying that technology is now a natural part of their everyday lives.

In our always switched-on world, it’s critical that primary school software allows students to learn how to become good digital citizens from a young age. This means that from the moment they start their first day of school, there’s an ICT programme in place to bring online learning to life.

The opportunities afforded by technology for primary school students can be hindered by the practicalities of tech-based learning, especially with 30 inquisitive students all vying eagerly for the attention of a single teacher. There’s also the element of online safety risk involved when exposing young children to the online world, an ever-growing concern for primary schools since new guidance around online safety and safeguarding was released in the DfE’s KCSiE. So, how can you ensure your students’ safety in the modern-day primary school classroom?

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