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Raising standards, safeguarding students and staff, governance, and managing expectations – just some of the key concerns multi-academy trusts face. And when it comes to managing multiple sites, there’s also the challenges associated with disparate systems, controlling costs, staffing, and resource management to consider.

As multi-academy trusts (MATs) expand rapidly across the UK, here at Impero, we’ve focused our development roadmap on ensuring our products are suited to a multi-site, centralised management approach. Have a read below to see how the Impero product suite has been developed for a centralised management approach.



Impero Education Pro

Working alongside multi-academy trusts, and developed with them in mind, our flagship solution consolidates network management, classroom management and online safety, designed to meet the complex needs of UK MATs.

Key features include real-time, multi-device monitoring, screen broadcasting and interactive classroom control features, a suite of network admin tools and innovative online safety feature, developed in partnership with charities and specialist organisations such as the IWF, Beat, and SafeBAE. More recently, we’ve added a new enterprise console enables technical teams to quickly configure multiple servers, across multiple sites, from a single interface.

Truly cross-platform, Impero Education Pro is designed to work with the various device types used in schools today, all from a single, easy to use interface view. And, with powerful remote control features multi-academy trusts can securely log into their individual school networks remotely, to offer support and access school data as necessary.


Impero Insight

An optional add-on module to Impero Education Pro, Impero Insight pulls data from multiple servers and displays it in graphical, interactive reports. Ideal for a multi-academy trust environment, this enables trend analysis across multiple sites and allows trusts to drill down to a granular level as required.

An advanced reporting and analytics tool, Impero Insight provides multi-academy trusts with centralised access to a comprehensive overview of all Impero data across its family of schools. Staff at the MAT level can view, compare, contrast and analyse data across all school sites within the trusts. Information is displayed within a visual dashboard, so trends can be identified, tracked and analysed across multiple sites.

Demonstrate outstanding leadership, identify inappropriate online behaviour to reduce risk, ensure policy is being followed, compare and contrast statistical data and access cross-school reports quickly, all with Impero Insight.

Impero EdLink

The rise of mobile devices in education, including the rapid adoption of BYOD and 1:1 programmes, has raised myriad concerns for MATs. How can they support, manage and control these devices across multiple sites within its family of schools? Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS, Impero EdLink is designed to be used alongside Impero Education to protect students and their devices.

A recent addition to the Impero product portfolio, Impero EdLink is a powerful mobile device management (MDM) solution, developed specifically for the school environment. Cloud-based, Impero EdLink simplifies the remote configuration and management of mobile devices, in line with a trust’s acceptable use policies. With Impero EdLink, MATs are empowered to control student-owned and school-owned mobile devices by managing access to content and enabling/disabling settings. This offers a truly centralised approach to MDM.

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