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When students make the transition from secondary school to a further education college, it’s generally expected that they will continue their learning in a mature working environment. That being said, the typical problems associated with online learning remain as prevalent as ever.

UK colleges cater for a variety of students, differing in age, understanding and learning styles. With a broad array of subjects and qualifications on offer, from apprenticeships and vocational courses to BTECS and A levels, the need for enhanced computer-based conditions and access to specialist resources rises – and therefore, so does the need for computing monitoring software.

Distraction is rife in any educational environment involving technology, as is the potential for online safety risks. And colleges prove no different. That’s why the Department for Education released new requirements in KCSiE for education establishments, including colleges, requiring that all establishments have an active ‘appropriate monitoring’ system in place. Not only are Impero’s monitoring solutions compliant with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘appropriate monitoring’ checklist, but seamless network admin and classroom control modules help to streamline networks and enhance learning.

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