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Impero Software launches new education-focused solution for managing mobile devices

Impero Software has responded to the needs of education with the launch of a new mobile device management solution, designed specifically for the education sector

April 5th, 2017 – Impero Software has today officially launched “EdLink”, a sophisticated new mobile device management (MDM) solution, designed to help schools confidently manage mobile devices in the digital learning environment. Developed in response to the rise of mobile devices, adopted increasingly by schools to boost learner engagement, Impero Software’s MDM solution, EdLink, simplifies device management and configuration while supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 1:1 initiatives.

A cross-platform solution, the launch version of Impero EdLink is compatible with iOS, ChromeOS and Android, enabling schools to manage a broad and varied range of mobile devices effectively. EdLink allows the monitoring and management of both school-owned and student-owned devices. Schools with implemented BYOD and 1:1 schemes can effectively manage, track and protect their devices and users on the school site.

Comprehensive online safety controls provide access to applications and online content, in line with a school’s acceptable use policies (AUP). These controls can be applied to different users at different times of the day, ensuring age-appropriate content can only be accessed by the relevant student group when allowed. For example, students might be given access to additional applications or sites during break times. EdLink also has full geo-location functionality as standard, meaning devices can alter their profiles based on where they are being used (for example in school or at home).

EdLink is tightly integrated with Impero Software’s flagship product, Impero Education Pro, ensuring teachers and IT teams have access to a complete suite of relevant tools. This centralised approach to mobile device management helps school technical teams to manage and track mobile devices, and their use,, while ensuring teaching staff have access to a a state of the art system to inspire learning.

Parents of students who attend a school using EdLink also have the option to monitor and control their child’s mobile device activity at home, whether their child is using a school device or a personal device at home. EdLink therefore promotes learning outside of the school grounds while creating a safe and secure online environment.

Impero Software’s CEO, Sam Pemberton, speaks of the product launch, “We’re very pleased to announce the introduction of EdLink, our new mobile device management solution and the latest addition to our ever-growing product portfolio aimed at providing schools with robust, efficient and well considered solutions. The growth of mobile devices has been rapid, with schools turning to BYOD and 1:1 schemes to enhance student outcomes. The main objective with EdLink has been to provide a solution that specifically addresses the needs of the education sector in terms of functionality, ease of use and affordability.

Using EdLink in conjunction with our flagship product, Impero Education Pro, empowers schools to have complete control over their network devices to ensure their students can learn safely and effectively online.”



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