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Impero reinvents product portfolio in the cloud

Impero Education Pro version C1.1 also includes an enhanced web-based interface for intuitive, simple navigation

Nottingham, UK, January 9th 2019 – Impero is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new cloud-based version of its flagship product, Impero Education Pro, comprised of three core modules. The new version – version C1.1 – also includes an enhanced web interface to provide schools with intuitive, simple navigation and will be available to schools following its launch at the Bett Show 2019 this January.

“At Impero Software, we strive to make sure we are meeting schools’ needs and providing them with the most secure way to manage their school networks,” said Richard Fuller, CEO of Impero Software. “Hosting our software in the cloud offers improved data security and means that our software is always running with the latest updates.”

To view a video about Impero’s development of version C1.1, visit While cloud hosting offers several benefits, if a school would prefer to continue to host the software on site, they have that option.

The new web interface of version C1.1 can be accessed from any browser using the internet. Impero Education Pro combines three core modules into a single, seamless user interface, designed to offer schools and colleges the three essential elements for digital learning to thrive – classroom management, network management and online safety. It provides intelligent search functionality, intuitive navigation and integration with other Impero products. The three modules are:

  • Impero EdTeach for classroom management provides multi-device monitoring, including the ability to remotely view, manage and control devices such as Chromebooks, Windows, Mac and iOS to support schools with 1:1 programs. Teachers can monitor students’ screens in real time, share content with students, and control or lock student devices to keep students focused. Impero EdTeach integrates with Google Classroom and provides messaging and live chat features.


  • Impero EdProtect for online safety allows teachers or safeguarding staff to receive real-time alerts if students type or search for keywords and phrases that may indicate concerns around bullying, self-harm, suicide, mental health and more. Impero works with charities and specialist organisations such as the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), Beat, Harmless, the Anti-Bullying Alliance and SafeBAE to develop comprehensive keyword libraries covering a broad range of safeguarding and online safety issues. Screenshots and video recordings of these captures provide contextual insight so schools can provide counter narratives, support, and can intervene before an incident escalates.


  • Impero EdAdmin for network management allows schools to remotely track, monitor, and manage resources across a school network, remotely reset passwords, and set computers to power on or off at certain times.

In addition to Impero Education Pro, the company’s portfolio also includes two additional cloud-based products: Impero EdAware, a digital safeguarding system that records and manages safety incidents and information on student safeguarding and Impero EdLink, a mobile device management tool to help schools manage 1:1 initiatives and BYOD programs.




For further information or to schedule interview opportunities, contact:

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About Impero Software

Impero Software offers remote monitoring and management software, relied upon by education establishments around the world. Founded in 2002, Impero software is now accessed by over 1.5 million devices in over 90 countries. Impero is used by over 1,400 UK high schools and in over 500 U.S. districts.

Impero’s cutting edge EdTech software consolidates a range of powerful classroom, network and device management features enabling schools and colleges to reduce costs and improve both staff and student productivity. Impero’s sophisticated online safety functionality uses keyword detection technology to help schools safeguard students online.

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