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Impero launches new solution to support student safeguarding at the Bett Show 2019

Impero EdAware empowers schools to record, analyse and report on student safeguarding concerns

Nottingham, UK, January 8th 2019 – Impero is excited to announce the launch of new cloud-based product, Impero EdAware, , designed to support student safeguarding in UK schools. Back in December, the NHS and Department for Education (DfE) revealed plans to improve mental health and wellbeing support in schools and colleges from 2019. The NHS will provide mental health support teams across schools and colleges in 25 areas, while the DfE will fund training for senior mental health leads in schools and colleges. The launch of Impero EdAware, a next-generation digital safeguarding system, will serve to support these new plans for addressing mental health support in education.

Schools use Impero EdAware to record, analyse and store multiple types of student safeguarding information, from depressive episodes to risky online behaviour, to help identify potential safety risks, behaviour management conversations and safeguarding interventions. Impero EdAware integrates with Impero Education Pro’s Impero EdProtect module, making it a comprehensive safeguarding solution for both online and offline safeguarding concerns.

“More and more schools are adding student mental health as a key component of the services they offer and the first step in offering these services is to understand when a student is having issues. By adding Impero EdAware to our product portfolio, we are now able to provide schools with a multifaceted, holistic view of each student’s wellbeing,” said Richard Fuller, CEO of Impero Software. “By seeing what is happening in a student’s life both online and offline, EdAware helps schools minimise risk and enhance student safety and safeguarding.”

Impero EdProtect, alerts teachers or safeguarding staff if students type or search for key words and phrases while on the school network that may indicate concerns around bullying, self-harm, suicide, mental health and more. The software also provides classroom management features that allow teachers to monitor students’ screens, share content with students, and control or lock student devices to keep students focused.

Schools using Impero EdAware create a profile for each student to record multiple types of data relating to students’ health, wellness and safety. For example, schools can add health and nutrition records, or notes on any safeguarding concerns such as if a student has a history of panic attacks. The software automatically adds any record of keyword alerts from Impero Education Pro’s Impero EdProtect module into Impero EdAware, for example, a history of internet searches that could indicate possible suicidal ideation.

Impero EdAware provides schools with resources and guidance around safeguarding legislation and student privacy regulations. Impero EdAware integrates with a school’s student information system and provides granular reporting making it a rich and easy-to-use tool to support student safety.

Impero EdAware arose out of Impero Software’s recent acquisition of Safeguarding Monitor.

The types of student information tracked within Impero EdAware include:

  • Online alerts from Impero Education Pro’s Impero EdProtect module
  • Student medical data and familial information
  • Documents and memos on school policies and government legislation surrounding safeguarding, safety and student privacy
  • Records of interventions
  • Meetings with families and children’s services

“Impero EdAware is a comprehensive tool that helps to inform school safeguarding policies and identify potential concerns early so that schools can ensure students are getting the support they need,” said Fuller.

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