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Westbourne School is the only co-educational independent school in Sheffield offering first class education for all entities. Offering individualised learning, Westbourne School offers every student the opportunity to excel and be the best they can be, no matter what their background or starting point. Westbourne School believes that the ability to communicate and develop social and personal skills is as important as academic achievements, where understanding electronic communication cannot be ignored.


Prior to Impero, Westbourne School were already utilising a classroom management solution, however this solution included complex functions and features that were intimidating to teaching staff, as well as being very expensive to purchase. With the need for a simple classroom management solution identified, Westbourne School began to search for a solution that was simple to use but effective.


Before the search even began, the Head of Computing suggested the adoption of Impero into Westbourne School. When talking to the Impero team, Westbourne School realised Impero had enhanced its classroom management features further with a new teacher-centric, web-based interface. The simplicity, but effectiveness, of Impero drove the purchasing decision.


Due to the user-friendly classroom management features, Impero was adopted quickly by the teaching staff at Westbourne School. The overall implementation of Impero was described as “very straightforward and easy to understand” by the Head of Computing.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Westbourne School has realised a variety of benefits, including:

Empower teachers: With simple-to-use classroom management tools and features, teachers can monitor, manage and control what students are accessing online and use technology in their lessons with confidence.

Showcase exemplary work: Using broadcast screen functionality, teachers can demonstrate a particular task or highlight exemplary work of a student to enhance student engagement and interactive learning.

Control student behaviour: Real-time monitoring and live thumbnail views of each student device enables Westbourne School to keep all students on task and removes any distractions within the lessons.  

Q&A with Katie Baker, Head of Computing

How does Impero help you get the most out of digital learning?

The fact that you can monitor every student’s screen from one location is the best feature for me. All my students are on task, they’re not getting distracted or being silly on the computers during the lesson. The students are much more aware of what they are doing and know that their screens are monitoring which has resulted in a positive difference in their behaviour. I also like the screen capture and screen recording functionality. The students also love it when I showcase their work on the board. They actually think it’s hilarious that their computer screen is up on the board – it’s like magic to them!

How has Impero made your job easier?

For me, I think Impero is really helpful. I use it for so many things! I love using it for teaching. The broadcast function is particularly helpful for putting my PowerPoint slides directly in front of the students. We have a few visually impaired students at the school and this feature really helps support them too, which is great. Impero has saved me so much time! I can walk around the classroom, teach at the front more and keep a close eye as to what all my students are doing in the lesson without physically being by their side.

How has Impero supported your teachers?

Honestly, it has made all of our teachers’ much more confident within the classroom when utilising computers and Chromebooks, they are less worried about students not doing work properly and can focus more of teaching. All the teachers find it so easy and simple to use which makes them even more confident and proactive to use the software. Our staff have the confidence to use Impero’s resources without any worries or concerns.

How would you describe our support team?

I have actually never had to contact support myself, however, whenever our IT Technician has spoked with them, he’s always found them really useful and helpful, especially when setting systems up. No complaints from that aspect!

How would you sum up Impero?

Confident computing teaching!

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