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Victoria Primary School


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Located in Bradford, Victoria Primary School is part of the Nurture Academies Trust and believes in the value of every child and adult whom enters the door. Striving to provide every student with a personalised educational journey, Victoria Primary School ensures every student succeeds by reaching their potential in every area of life, including the use of technology.


Prior to Impero Education Pro, the teaching staff at Victoria Primary School struggled to coordinate their students and control the classroom effectively. Having already used a classroom management software similar to Impero Education Pro in a previous school, the deputy headteacher identified a need for a solution to control and manage digital learning.


Victoria Primary School wanted a solution to control every computer in the classroom. Using the expertise of the IT Director at the school, Victoria Primary School soon discovered Impero Education Pro would help to support digital learning and was described by the IT Director as “the cream on top of the cake”.


The implementation of Impero Education Pro across Victoria Primary School was simple and easy. Following 1:1 training, alongside refreshers within staff meetings and INSET days, the teachers at Victoria Primary School understood how Impero Education Pro would benefit their classroom and began using the software effectively to manage digital learning.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Victoria Primary School has realised a variety of benefits, including:

Empowers teachers: With visibility of what all students are viewing, accessing and creating online, Victoria Primary School can identify when students may be straying off task and refocus their attention accordingly.

Maximise learning time: Using the “send website” functionality including in Impero Education Pro, Victoria Primary School can direct all students in a class to a particular website in seconds, ready to start learning immediately.

Control student behaviour: Real-time monitoring and live thumbnail views of each student device enables Victoria Primary School to manage online behaviour. The single-click teaching tools focuses learning and attention through limiting any distractions.

Q&A with Jackie Renton, Deputy Head Teacher

How does Impero Education Pro help you get the most out of digital learning?

It’s great being able to see all my student’s screens in one place. Through pushing out a website URL or tab, I can save the first 20 minutes of the lesson. There’s now no longer a confusion with the students typing in a web address wrong. You just enter the link, send, and it’s opened on their screens immediately and you can crack on straight away – it’s that easy! With the younger students and even those suffering from learning difficulties, you don’t have to worry about copying the URL from the whiteboard, entering one letter incorrectly can send the learner somewhere completely different, Impero prevents this from happening. Having the ability to lock a screen I can ensure I have the students’ full attention when demonstrating a task and prevent them from fiddling with the laptops.

How has Impero Education Pro helped improve student behaviour?

Impero has definitely helped improve student behaviour. The students now know that when it is “time up”, they have to shut their machines down immediately, else we can control it! They also know that we are monitoring their activity and know what they are accessing. Even though the screen is not facing you, you can identify those sneaking onto games and stop it. These features also help to teach our students from an online safety perspective.

How has Impero Education Pro made your job easier?

I am completely in my element with Impero Education Pro, I finally have the software that I have been looking for that helps me in my job role, and my staff members. The word ‘helpful’ is not good enough to describe Impero Education Pro, it is excellent! It has got super design features and I just love it. It really does empower teachers! I am so thankful to Impero.

What are your next steps?

We’ve not fully utilised the safeguarding features yet but having that extra level of safeguarding will be outstanding for us and something I am all for! We’re looking to use every aspect of Impero but want to ensure our staff are comfortable with the teaching element before we train them on further features. We’re also interested in using the assessment and quiz features soon.

How would you sum up Impero Education Pro?

Time saving, outstanding and empowering.

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