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The Village School, known to its friends as TVS, strives to develop personalised pathways and choices for its students through catering to all levels of learning and communication including those with physical, medical and sensory impairment. With this comes a need for technology to enhance and support learning in the classroom.


Before Impero Education Pro, The Village School used Policy Central to monitor what its students were accessing online and to support safeguarding policies. However, this solution did not encompass any classroom management or network management features required by The Village School to enhance and support digital learning.


The Village School underwent a complete reconstruction and therefore desired a state-of-the-art software solution in line with the new building. A partner of The Village School recommended Impero Education Pro and, after a quick demonstration, The Village School soon identified that Impero went beyond just keyword searches to include many other features, such as classroom and network management. After trialling Impero Education Pro throughout The Village School, the decision to implement the solution proved easy and Impero Education Pro quickly became heavily utilised across the school network.


With support from an Impero technician and advisor, Impero Education Pro was implemented in no time and described by the Network Manager as “immensely straightforward”. As a new customer, The Village School were given priority for any enquiries by the support team, making deployment a breeze.


Since installing Impero Education Pro, The Village School has realised a number of core benefits:

Instant support for teachers: Impero Education Pro acts as a helpdesk tool for staff throughout The Village School. The IT team can help multiple staff members at once without leaving their desk, saving heaps of time allowing the team to solve more issues on a daily basis.

Maximise learning time: A huge chunk of the lesson can often be spent getting the class prepared and students in the right place; using the classroom management features, The Village School can log in machines, send a website to all devices and get the whole class ready in seconds to increase learning time.

Whole-school approach: Utilising email notifications, the IT department, designated safeguarding lead, head teacher and the deputy heads at The Village School receive captures, which are reviewed and escalated further when necessary. Having 10 members of staff looking through these captures ensures no child is missed and supports a whole-school approach, as required by Ofsted.

Q&A with Sunil Pindoria, Network Manager & SEN Consultant

How has Impero Education Pro helped make your job easier?  

It’s certainly made us lazy! Our work is so much more streamlined, we can provide support to more users than we were ever able to before, traveling time is gone and we can switch between user issues quickly. Before, the team would work through 5 to 10 users, but now with remote control our output has increased immensely up to 15 to 20 users, and we don’t have to run round as much! We can simply live monitor and work through an issue with that member of staff.

Impero Education Pro also helps to keep our laptops and machines updated and secure. Previously we’d have to stop users logging in and do the updates all manually during out of hours. Impero Education Pro helps us automate and streamline this process and easily push out software instead of physically sending out engineers, all with the ability to shut down the machines after the update.

How does Impero Education Pro keep your student safe online?

Since The Village School caters for SEN students, they’re more vulnerable at getting caught up in things. The online safety features help capture, monitor and identify what students are accessing and browsing online to ensure they’re being safe online. The captures trigger email notifications that are sent across various staff members, which can be later used as evidence where necessary.

How does Impero Education Pro help maximise learning time?

Technology is one of those things students get distracted by very quickly. Impero Education Pro has helped to improve the ethos of teachers taking control of computers and getting students quickly back on track. During IT lessons we have a number of students who can’t use a keyboard and mouse properly – being able to log in these students, and the rest of the class, saves an immense amount of teaching time. Alongside this, other classroom control tools, such as remote control and broadcast screen, are useful for students with visual difficulties as the child no longer has to look at the board but rather their own screen to participate.

How would you describe our support team?

Support has been great. It’s living up to its name, the team makes the product go further and have definitely been a key factor in confirming our decision for continuing Impero for the past 8 years.

How would you sum up Impero?

Impero is a technician’s best friend, it’s an all in one security and support tool.

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