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St Paul’s School is an independent school providing outstanding all-round education for gifted boys, located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Rated ‘Excellent’ in every category by the Independent School’s Inspectorate, St Paul’s School considers the welfare of pupils its highest priority and ensures outstanding individual pastoral care for all students. With 550 desktops and a number of Windows Surface tablets, St Paul’s School needed a solution to ensure the safety of their students in an online environment.


Before Impero Education Pro, St Paul’s School was utilising another solution as a classroom management tool. This product was predominately used as a teaching tool but not used from an administrative perspective. However, there was many issues with this product including problems with it crashing, especially when using the remote viewing feature. This drove the decision to look for an alternative solution as the renewal approached.


When it came to looking for alternatives, the IT Manager looked at the main products on the market, including Impero Education Pro. St Paul’s School have been using Impero since 2010. With safeguarding at the heart of the school’s approach to education, St Paul’s School has continued to increase its licence count.


Despite the installation of Impero Education Pro taking place a long time ago, the IT Manager recalls the implementation process being simple. With very few issues and a good IT team at St Paul’s School, they were able to install Impero Education Pro onto their server and push the client out to all devices quickly and easily.


Since installing Impero Education Pro, St Paul’s School has realised a number of core benefits:

Support acceptable use policies: Every September, St Paul’s School students are required to accept their Acceptable Use Policy before accessing the school network. Impero Education Pro provides this functionality and ensures that any students who do not sign the policy cannot access the network. Using Impero Education Pro also helps prevent students bypassing the Acceptable Use Policy, which was previously possible when accessing the intranet.

Focused learning: Using the classroom management tools actively, teachers are using the broadcast screen, lock screen and send message features to ensure students are on task and focused within a lesson. 

Extra security: Using Impero Education Pro as a lockdown tool, the ‘send message’ feature enables St Paul’s School to provide security throughout the school by alerting all staff and students of any urgent messages. Once a term, St Paul’s School tests this feature by sending out a specific word; a string of text appears on all screens and each class should respond appropriately.

Q&A with Justin Scott-Barate, IT Manager

How has Impero Education Pro helped you to monitor and keep you students safe online?  

The online safety features included in Impero Education Pro are really useful! When we’re investigating a situation, we have a full log of everything that students have accessed, in chronological order as well, so we can really build a timeline or sequence of events that a user has accessed on a computer or device. We used to be able to harvest this information from the machine directly, however it’s a lot easier with Impero Education Pro and it’s all easily exportable from the log viewer.

How has Impero Education Pro streamlined your IT team? 

Our IT support team have embraced Impero Education Pro. Thanks to the remote support tools, we don’t have to run around as much, we can see what’s happening on the network and take control from a single location. We’re troubleshooting problems on a daily basis, and using the chat functionality with the user having the problem, we can see if they’re free for us to remote into their machine. We can remote in and fix the problem there and then, if not, we can fix it as soon as a convenient time arises. Impero Education Pro helps save us so much time. Using mimic script, we can easily select machines, log in and push out a suite of software from a few clicks in the console. We also find having permission to unlock and lock machines en masse very useful.

When it comes to online testing, the Admissions team love Impero Education Pro. Previously, the team would need 100 machines logged on and ready on a particular website for a particular time – as a manual process this would take some time. With Impero Education Pro we can log on the machines for them, using a desk account, and push the web link to all machines with a few clicks.

How would you describe our support team?

We’ve not had to use the Impero support team for some time, which demonstrates how stable the product is. As and when we’ve had issues though, the team remote in and fix it. We’ve had no problems with their service!

How would you summarise Impero Education Pro?

Every school should have Impero, it ticks all the safeguarding boxes – I can’t imagine what life would be like without Impero.

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