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All Saints Benhilton Church of England Primary School


All Saints Benhilton Church of England Primary School


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Located in Surrey, All Saints Benhilton Church of England Primary School works closely with the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education and the London Borough of Sutton to provide each student with a happy, safe and secure learning environment. As technology is incorporated further into learning, with 50 PCs and 67 Chromebooks used at the school, its commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people also needs to adapt.


With changes to the curriculum, students are required to understand the demands of information technology and gain the necessary skills to use this technology. Therefore, All Saints Benhilton required an exclusive teacher to take on this more specialised role. The creation of this new role swiftly identified that All Saints Benhilton had nothing in place for monitoring students or to manage and control a class whilst on these devices. This need drove the decision to search for a solution.


After discussing alternative solutions with its IT provider and Trans-Tec (those responsible for implementing SmartBoards in the region), All Saints Benhilton were made aware of Impero Education Pro and its capabilities. With some further investigation, All Saints Benhilton found that Impero Education Pro ticked all the boxes in terms of classroom management and online safety and would now be able to easily set up the classroom, monitor students and control devices.


As part of the London Grid for Learning network, the Impero support team assisted with configuring ports to ease the implementation process at All Saints Benhilton. Working together with All Saints Benhilton and London Grid For Learning and Cygnet, Impero Education Pro was up and running ready to be used to monitor and control technology across the network.


Since installing Impero Education Pro, All Saints Benhilton Church of England Primary School has realised a number of core benefits:

Saves time: Before Impero Education Pro it would take 30 minutes to get all machines logged on during a 45 minute lesson. In addition, getting the younger students on a website would take 20 minutes. With the help of the power management functionality, all PCs are up and running before students enter the class and using the “send website” feature, a website is pushed out to all devices in seconds.

Supports disruption management: If the class if too loud, as teachers hover near the whiteboard, students realise they’re going to lock their screen and tell them to get back on the task at hand, before this happens students realise and quiet down; they understand they’re being monitoring which helps to minimise disruption.

Promotes acceptable use policies: Supporting the lessons students are taught around acting responsibly online, All Saints Benhilton uses the acceptable use policies functionality which students must accept to adhere to in line with acting responsibility on the school network.

Q&A with Vivienne Lupoli, Computing Coordinator & Online Safety Coordinator

How has Impero Education Pro helped make your job easier?  

It’s definitely helped from a safeguarding and practical perspective. I’d often spend ages getting all the PCs turned on before a class and now I can do this at the click of a button. One of my favourite and best things about Impero Education Pro is sharing work. I’ll have the thumbnails of each student on the main board and as a lesson progresses I’ll bring the class together and look at each individual’s/pair’s work. I can ask them to share how they’ve created it and what they’ve been doing. It’s such a fantastic way of sharing work. These thumbnails are also brilliant for identifying what students are accessing; they know the consequences and know we’re monitoring them and this often helps keep them focused on the task at hand.

How does Impero Education Pro help support your online safety lessons and keep your students safe online?  

It’s truly been amazing. It helps support the message we push out to the students regarding digital literacy, being kind online and their digital footprint. We teach the students not to be nasty or rude to each other and we can monitor that alongside our acceptable use policies. We’re also able to pick up issues – key issues about online safety we weren’t able to before. For example, we had a comment captured by Impero Education Pro, which could have been considered innocuous, but since we know each and every student at the school, we thought it was unusual and investigated it further. As a result, we were able to identify a serious safeguarding issue which we were able to deal with efficiently – and effectively – Impero Education Pro has been brilliant from that perspective.

What are your next steps?

We’re currently only using Impero Education Pro on our PCs in the IT suite, however we’ve just extended our licence to cover the Chromebooks used in the classrooms as well. This will enable us to fully comply with Keeping Children Safe in Education. We’re excited to start using Impero Education Pro across the whole school.

How would you sum up Impero?

Invaluable, intuitive, imperative.

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